Tuxedomoon - with new bassist Peter Principle joining in the mayhem.

Tuxedomoon In Concert – 1979 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Tuxedomoon – with new bassist Peter Principle joining in the mayhem.

Tuxedomoon – in concert at The Boarding House – December 1979 – Ralph Records Release party – KALX-FM – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

San Francisco post-Punk/experimental band Tuxedomoon, live at The Boarding House, and part of the Ralph Records release party from December, 1979.

Tuxedomoon had been together since 1977, but fortunes changed for the band when they signed to Ralph Records (the label that gave the world The Residents), and this concert was part of the Ralph Records release party showcasing them as well as other Ralph acts, and also signaled the release of their debut single, No Tears. In addition, it marked one of the first appearances of newly enlisted bass player Peter Principle, who would be a pivotal figure, not only for Tuxedomoon, but as an artist in his own right.

They are still together, however Peter Principle passed away in June of this year in Brussels.

Crank it up and have a listen.

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