Blue States - in session
Blue States - brainchild of Andy Dragazis - abetted by a whole bunch of people.

Blue States In Session – 2002 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Blue States - in session

Blue States – brainchild of Andy Dragazis – abetted by a whole bunch of people.

Blue States – In Session – BBC 6 Music – September 4, 2002 – BBC 6 Music –

Blue States in session to end the weekend. Brainchild of Andy Dragazis, Blue States is primarily him, but supported by a rotating group of musicians. Performing and recording since 1997, Blue States (Dragazis) has released some 6 albums released, starting in 2002, including the soundtrack to the British horror film 28 Days Later.

This session from September 4, 2002, coincides with the release of their second album, Man Mountain. Characterized as an Electronic/Down tempo/trip-hop band, Blue States has kept it fresh by working with new musicians in a live setting. But like Tame Impala, the studio sessions are all Dragazis, with guest artists filling in. The full band is for performing live.

Since they have been together some 20 years now, you could say they were one of the pioneering bands in the solo-doing-everthing-in-the-studio genre which has become popular in recent years.

The latest album, Restless Spheres is a combination solo and band effort. The structure has been described as more expansive, with Dragazis creating a more engrossing soundscape than in previous albums. Dragazis also included several guest artists in the sessions, including Swedish singer Mayassa to take part.

This session gives you some idea of what Blue States is all about, and hopefully will prompt you to check them out, if you aren’t familiar with them already.

In any event, crank it up and get ready for Monday.

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