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The Right Combination
History and Pop Culture are a little like soup – seriously!

Could you Kick in a few bucks to The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser? – If you can, do it right here: (Past Daily Fall Fundraiser)

The interesting thing about Past Daily is that, a lot of people come to the site for a lot of different reasons. Some come for the news, or the history, or the events, or the people. Some come for the Pop Culture – the music, the day-to-day life, the Disc-jockeys, the concerts. And what we try to do is keep a balance – because history isn’t about just one thing, or one event – it’s about a lot of things – some seemingly unconnected – some critical. People and events which have changed the course of our culture.

And sometimes we need to be reminded of that. It’s also nice to be reminded there is a lot of Popular Culture which has, for better or worse, shaped us into who we are as people. Yeah, there’s a certain amount of “good old days” stuff – but it’s not really about nostalgia as much as its offering focal points, cornerstones of our society and becoming the people we are today that’s important to remember. It’s also discovering things you either never knew about or forgot completely about.

It’s all that – all together in one site. And a lot of times it’s like putting together soup – how much of what goes with how much of the other, and does it all fit or not. Can be unpredictable and with surprising results.

All that, by way of telling you Past Daily isn’t slapped together – or treated like a document dump. We could dod that, but there wouldn’t be much point and too much important information would get lost in the shuffle.

So that’s why Past Daily does what it does – keep a balance, present new and unfamiliar history and culture – famous and notorious people in that history and culture; how it all weaves together.

And it takes time and effort – of lot of it. So each year, around this time, I do a fundraiser as a way of asking your support in helping us do this every day, and also to support maintaining the website, repairing the equipment and keeping us going for another year. We don’t ask for a lot, a little from as many of you as can chip in. I’m not asking you to chip in if you can’t – we’ve had some tough times this year, and not everyone feels flush, But if you do have that extra few bucks, and would like to help out by supporting Past Daily – we would love to have you. A lot of you are supporting the site – and it’s been huge. For those of you just hearing about us, or heard about us through a friend, come on in and check us out – do a Search and see what comes up. We’re putting up new things everyday and we try to be as relevant as possible. So, all we’re asking is the your help, your tac-deductible contribution, in what ever amount you’re comfortable with, so we can keep giving you thousands of hours of information and history. If you can, please click on the link right here: (Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser) – or click on the link at the top of the page, and make your pledge. It is appreciated more than you can imagine and everything we raise goes directly into running the site. So, do what you can and tell your friends – so far, so good. Just a few more days to go, so make your contribution soon.

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