Wire - in session for Marc Riley - BBC 6 Music
Wire - Pivotal, milestone, essential, landmark - pick any superlative - they all fit.

Wire In Session – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Wire - in session for Marc Riley - BBC 6 Music

Wire – Pivotal, milestone, essential, landmark – pick any superlative – they all fit.

Wire – in session for Marc Riley – BBC6 Music – Oct. 30, 2017 – BBC 6 Music –

I couldn’t resist – I heard this earlier today and I had to include it. Wire are one of my hands-down favorite bands of all time and certainly the band that got me to pay attention to the 70s. Without question, one of those bands who were game changers – who took the basic premise of Punk and exploded it, turning it into a forum of experimentation and broader horizons, adding dimensions along the way.

Luckily for everyone, they are still going strong, some 40 years later. Just as fresh and vital as they were when I Am The Fly first came out. They did this session for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music earlier today (October 30), while on their way out of town for a tour of the UK before heading across the Channel later on this month for several more dates in Holland and France.

Their popularity hasn’t diminished – they are still as popular with fans in the U.S. as they are overseas – and even though they may not be as recognizable as other bands with bigger hits from the same period, they are a band who have maintained consistency, as well as a strong and growing fan base. With 16 studio albums to their credit, along with 16 live albums and 7 compilation albums, Wire have made a substantial impression.

This is the latest offering from Wire – longtime fans may not have heard this yet. And if you’re just getting acquainted with Wire, check out this session and then go back to the beginning and hear how it evolved.

Play loud.

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