BOO! – Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser – Halloween Edition

Large smiling head
In lieu of The Big Pumpkin. . . .the large, smiling head.

Click here:Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser – contribution button

Have we no shame? Resorting to cheap theatrics in order to get people to chip in? Yeah, well . . . .

A casual reminder, to those of you still on the fence, that we’re 4 days away from ending our annual Past Daily Fall Fundraiser. Four more days to chip in what you can, get a tax-deduction for your efforts and enjoy 365 days of unlimited history, pop culture, music and the occasional bit of oddness.

We’re only doing this once a year because we have to. See, it costs a bunch to maintain a website like this – we’ve had a major overhaul and redesign this year. Managed to preserve and restore some 10,000 rare recordings – post every day, all year long, and try our level best to give you the best of what we have, from this mountain of rare audio we’re slowly chipping away at.

It all costs – the vault space alone runs us around $25,000 a year – we spent $7,000 on a site revamp – repairing vintage and obsolete equipment has been running around $10,000 a year. So it really ads up – and that all comes out of pocket. That’s why we come to you once a year to give us a hand – not a lot – just chip in what you can.

People have asked why I don’t turn Past Daily into a pay-only or subscription site. I can’t do that. Charging people to visit the site just isn’t what we’re all about – the reason I started Past Daily in the first place was to give everyone a chance and the opportunity to study history – discover new things, be reminded of older things. You can’t charge for that and I never would.

We do a lot of licensing for films and TV, and that’s where much of our revenue comes from – but it doesn’t take care of everything. Besides, the amount of material actually used in a movie or TV series is a tiny portion of what we have, and why I do this site is to offer you the whole picture, not the sound bite or the snippet.

Over the past few years we’ve gotten hooked up with a Non-Profit Umbrella group who allow us to take advantage of the same non-profit status and to offer you a tax-deduction for your donations. That means you get a financial reward, come tax time for donating to us. A nice benefit to helping us out.

But the bottom line is; we’re here to ask for your help. If you like what we do, appreciate all the history and far-flung Culture, and want to make sure we’re here every day – chip in what you can. The price of a cup of coffee, or a movie ticket, or one less Red Bull – that’s it. We’re here until Saturday and we need to hear from you and your friends. We started off great – and so many of you have chipped in already – I am blown away by your support. We just need that extra push.

So, if you can – please click on the link right here: Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser – and give what you can.

A big hug to you all.

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  1. See you very soon Gordon- will send info to you- etc. etc. etc. You know if I have the series do a press kit- right before the 2 concerts- all of the people who graduated in `1969 and live in So Cal will appear I am sure!

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