Bennet - in session for John Peel 1997

Bennet - Indie band from Reading, best known for a TV commercial.

Bennet - in session for John Peel 1997
Bennet – Indie from Reading, best known for a TV commercial.

Bennet – in session for John Peel – January 18, 1997 – BBC Radio 1 –

Bennet, a band possibly no one has heard of here in the U.S. and a band which achieved a tiny modicum of success in the UK, via the Indie circuit and also for their single “Mum’s Gone To Iceland” which became the soundtrack of a hit TV commercial for the UK grocery store chain, Iceland.

Whatever puts food on the table – seriously. With two albums and six singles to their credit, Bennet achieved mildly noticeable success, aside from the TV commercial. And sometimes, that’s all there is.

But they were a rather catchy hook-laden indie band, sounding a lot like The Bluetones, and from roughly the same time period. This session, recorded for John Peel on January 18, 1997 comes around the time they issued Mum’s Gone To Iceland as well as their debut album, Super Natural. They called it quits in 1998 and resurfaced in 2016 for a one-off reunion, as well as the release of a new single and the release of a compilation album of single A and B sides.

Nothing really wrong with the band and perhaps the timing was bad, as is often the case. A band comes along, with all the earmarks of being a huge success, and somehow falls short for no other reason than they were overshadowed by other artists and they missed the opportunity. But who knows? Luck of the draw, sometimes.

In any event, here are Bennet – a band you may not have heard of before, but who were good at what they did.

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