WANTED: One Slightly Used Miracle – Last Day To Chip In And Help Make A Difference.

Nervous? You bet!
Okay – I’ll admit: We’re sweating it out right now.

Our Story:

Click on the link here to chip in what you can: Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser

Not going to sugarcoat this thing – we need to raise $5,000 within the next 24 hours. We’ve had a LOT of support the past two weeks, but we’re still coming up short. Those of you who have contributed so far are AMAZING, and I cannot thank you enough for your support, even in these strange and crazy times. But we’re heading to the end of our Fundraiser and we still have some heavy bills to pay – it’s what we need to keep the site up and running, and to keep the ongoing process of preserving and restoring thousands of hours of rare and priceless audio that we post on Past Daily. Your tax-deductible contributions from last year made it possible for us to completely re-build our website, making it better and easier and much more efficient to navigate through our almost 6,000 posts so far. But every day we expand and we keep expanding as more and more of you discover us. We have historic audio going back to 1898, and when we’re finally done, you will have over 117 years worth of history at your fingertips – many thousands of hours of sounds and events you may have only read about – voices of those people in our history who’ve been long forgotten. Popular Culture that has changed and shaped our lives in ways we may not be aware of. It’s all those things that Past Daily does every day. And it’s yours for free. We don’t charge a penny for what we do – we would never do that. But we do need and we’re asking for your support. And every year we ask you to please chip in what you can – whatever you can afford, so that we can continue to do this for another year.
We’ll be done soon – there’s not much time left. If you enjoy what we do – learn from what we’ve been offering and use what you find here, then please contribute what you can. We’re keeping history alive, and with your help, it will be alive and kicking. Fingers crossed – candles lit.


Click on the link here to chip in what you can: Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser

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