Slave to Fashion 1967
Dear Greg: You're a Groovy guy, but somebody needs to take you shopping for clothes - luv ya, Emily.

It’s May 1967 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Life Is Groovy – Life Is Happening – Life Is Weird

Slave to Fashion 1967

“Dear Greg: You’re a Groovy guy, but somebody needs to take you shopping for clothes – luv ya, Emily”.

KHJ – The Real Don Steele – May 3, 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

A very busy Spring – this Spring of 1967. Life is happening. The Strip is Happening. The Hollywood Bowl just had KHJ Appreciation Night with The Seeds, Supremes and Buffalo Springfield. The Monkees are coming next month. You’re trying to figure out if you can convince your friend, who has his drivers license and a car, to drive up to Monterrey for the Pop Festival. You’ve been hearing that a lot of bands will be there and it’s supposed to be a very big deal. One problem – You have no money. Maybe you can sneak in. Should be a lot of people there, nobody would notice. Yeah, but if they do, and you get thrown out, you’re screwed and you came all that way for nothing. If you knew somebody you’d probably get a ticket, or they’d let you in ’cause you know people, or your dad’s connected. Your dad’s not connected. Your dad sells vegetables to supermarkets. You’re not connected – you’re not even going to the right High School to get connected. You don’t know anybody who knows anybody. You’re doomed – your life will never get anywhere because you’re not connected – you don’t know anyone who can get you places. You’re stuck. You’ll probably wind up selling vegetables like your dad. You can feel it in your bloodstream; you’re going to miss out on everything – everybody will be in Monterrey, everybody but you. Everybody will come back from Summer vacation and ask what you did – Your English teacher will ask you to write a paper; “What I did On My Vacation”. You did nothing – you sold vegetables. You’re doomed.

But you had The Real Don Steele every day from Boss Radio and that made it all right with the world – as it did on May 3, 1967.

Being a teenager and life is smack in the middle of the Realm of the Absolutes – everything at 16 was either the best that ever was or the worst that will ever be – no middle ground. Remember? Of course you do.

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1 Response

  1. Pete Tesoro says:

    Steele is hotter than a pistol – as usual, in the 5 O’clock hour! a great listen, and highly recommended for everyone who would like a taste of May 1967 on L.A. Radio 93KHJ. Thanks for the post.