Idlewild - in Studio concert BBC Radio 1
Idlewild - their sound, edgy and angular - or as NME put it " A flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs".

Idlewild – Studio Concert – 2005 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Idlewild - in Studio concert BBC Radio 1

Idlewild – their sound, edgy and angular – or as NME put it: ” A flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs”.

Idlewild – Studio Concert – Steve Lamacq Show – 2005 – BBC Radio 1 –

Idlewild to close the weekend. Scottish Indie, from a BBC Radio 1 Studio concert via the Steve Lamacq show in 2005. Having released some 7 studio albums, since their debut in 1995 with their most recent album issued in 2015.

Having gone from 1995 to 2010, and after a three year hiatus, picking it back up in 2013 and carrying on to this day.

When they first got started, their sound was characterized as fast and dissonant and it was considerably different than what their Indie contemporaries were doing. They made their debut on January 16, 1996, playing at the Subway Club in Edinburgh to a crowd estimated at around 30, mostly friends and relatives. Their debut album got started in May of 1996 and Captain was released in January of 1998. With the exception of Captain, all the other albums in their discography have charted; some higher than others. But with seven albums, and some 27 singles and eps to their credit, they have made a name for themselves and their popularity keeps rising.

This concert, done for Steve Lamacq, puts the band right around the time of Warnings/Promises, which was released in March of that year and marked a distinct change in attitude and direction. Earlier considered chaotic and speed-drivien, Idlewild have toned things down considerably, and the effect has been profound prompting lead singer Roddy Woomble as saying it felt, to him like a new band came out of the sessions.

Although they called an indefinite hiatus in 2010, several of the members pursued solo careers, but in September of 2013, a somewhat cryptic note showed up on their Facebook page, leaving many to speculate that a reunion was imminent.

Sure enough, it was and Idlewild have picked up where they left off.

But here’s a detour back to the past to give you an idea of what Idlewild were like during their earlier period.

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