Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il - further evidence the fruit never falls far from the tree.

November 21, 1991 – Bush Civil Rights 1991 – The Riddle Of Pyongyang

Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il – further evidence the fruit never falls far from the tree.

November 21, 1991 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

November 21, 1991 – An historic day for different reasons. One – President Bush signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and Two – North Korea‘s Kim Jong Il was back in the news, with reports of developing Nuclear weapons and issuing threats.

President Bush was signing in law Civil Rights Act of 1991, but with controversy raging over Federal proposal to change Civil Rights policy, eliminating all rules on racial and sexual preferences in Government hiring. But White House Press Secretary Marlon Fitzwater reiterated President Bush’s support of civil rights and affirmative action programs and would not sign anything that suggested the contrary. Fitzwater went on to say the original statement was a “draft”and said initial reports misinterpreted what the President intended and that the statement was being re-drafted.

Meanwhile, news from Pyongyang and U.S.reaction indicated they were determined to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. In Seoul, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney put pressure on Pyongyang with a partial freeze on U.S, troop withdrawal plans. Cheney reiterated their stand on the North Korea issue, saying it had no intention of withdrawing troops as long they were wanted and as long as there was a threat to peace and stability on the peninsula. After concluding talks with his South Korean counterparts, Cheney launched into a scathing verbal denunciation. Accusing North Korea of continued aggression, terrorism and irresponsibility. He also blasted North Korea for refusing to renounce the use of force to reunite the two Koreas. Cheney went on to say that North Korea, with nuclear weapons, particularly with missile delivery systems, created the most serious threat to peace and stability on the peninsula and to Eastern Asia in general. Cheney concluded that no U.S. troops would leave, until North Korea’s dangerous threat with nuclear weapons had been dealt with.

And that’s a small slice of what happened, this November 21, 1991 – as reported by The CBS World News Rounup.

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