Sunset Strip at Midnight
. . .And even at midnight, L.A. has a hard time sleeping.

You Live In L.A. – It’s Midnight In November – It’s 1979 – And The Hullaballooer Is Keeping You Company

Sunset Strip at Midnight

. . .And even at midnight, L.A. has a hard time sleeping.

Dave Hull Show – KMPC – November 1, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Midnight in L.A. – the Sunset Strip get its second wind. The clubs are into their second sets of the night. There are people walking up and down the Strip who won’t get to sleep until the sun comes back up. Life on Rainbow Bar and Grill Time. That was you, not that long ago. Crash at 7 – up at 1 – hit The Troubadour at 6 – catch the first set at The Starwood at 8 – make the second set at the Whiskey by 10. Hang out with whoever was in town till 2 – head over to The Rainbow – check in – leave around 4 or 5 (depending on who you ran into) – and either get lucky or get moody until you hear birds and street sweepers and people going to work. Do it all over again.

Yeah – that was you – that was your life. And then you got a job driving a cab – and you sit in a yellow zone and wait for calls. There’s always somebody at the Riot House who wants to know where they can score – or somebody who got 86’d from The Whiskey and I get the call to take them home, wherever that is. If I’m lucky; Northridge – if I’m not, Harper or Bedford or Crescent Heights. Really not lucky if they throw up all over the backseat. Worse if they puke, live on Crescent Heights and have no money – those fares suck.

One of these days, cabs will have FM radios – all you have is an AM radio to listen to. Dave Hull is back on the air – you grew up with Dave Hull when he was at KRLA and you were still in high school. That was a million years ago – but Dave Hull sounds like yesterday. Not the same music though – not the same Strip. Not the same L.A. either, for that matter. Same Hullaballoer – and that’s good for something at midnight on a November in 1979. Gotta take the breaks where you find them. Never know when they’ll come around again.

Here’s an hour’s worth of Dave Hull, during his stint at KMPC on November 1, 1979 – doing the midnight to 2am shift.

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  1. Timmy says:

    Dave Hull. What a great jock. What a life… If you haven’t done it yet, do yourselves a favor; read his book. Thanx for this splendid 2 hour post!!!