Kaiser Chiefs in session 2005
Kaiser Chiefs - six albums, a slew of singles and still going strong.

Kaiser Chiefs In Session – 2005 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Kaiser Chiefs in session 2005

Kaiser Chiefs – six albums, a slew of singles and still going strong.

Kaiser Chiefs – in session – BBC 6 Music – 2005 – BBC 6 Music –

Kaiser Chiefs in session to kick off the week. Recorded in 2005, right around the time of their debut album, Employment, which soared up the charts, raked in some 3 million album sales, and set the band on a roll that has included an almost countless number of awards, mentions, certificates and glowing press. Their choice by Bob Geldof as opening act for the 2005 Live Aid concert gave the band a massive boost early on – reaching a worldwide audience in one shot.

Originally formed in 2000 as Parva, this Indie conglomeration from Leeds had one album out under that name in 2003. However, later on that year they decided to switch gears, change names and start all over; this time as Kaiser Chiefs.

They have owed much of their inspiration to New Wave of the early 80s, but there are definite Pop leanings in their music – for one; the songs are catchy and hook-laden and perfectly explains why they have had so many high-placing singles over the years. For another; they draw on a lot of Brit-Pop structure to their music – the band are accessible, which also explains their wide appeal and subsequently why they have been doing it so well for the past 17 years. It works, and they have become one of the more popular bands to cross lines between Indie/Pop and Post-Punk revival.

With no signs of slowing down or stopping, the band continue to perform and record and have been featured act during the Corbury and Splendor music festivals this year.

If, for some unknown reason, you missed them during their formative stage, when they were scoring high the first time with their debut album and opening Live Aid, this session might be a good place to start – if you’re a fan, this will remind you of what it was like hearing them the first time.

Play loud and hum along, even if you don’t know the words.

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