Magic Arm

Magic Arm (aka:Marc Riglesford) Folktronica as we know it.

Multi-instrumentalist/purveyor of the Bedroom Production, Marc Riglesford , aka: Magic Arm – in session at BBC 6 Music in November of 2012. Click on the link at the Past Daily site and listen to the complete session.

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2 thoughts on “Magic Arm In Session – 2012 – Past Daily Soundbooth

  1. Nice one! I’m not sure why the bad reviews either, because I found this session very appealing.

    By the way, the album was called Images Rolling, not Grizzly Bear (and can be found on Bandcamp at for those who want to listen or buy). Apparently Magic Arm and the band Grizzly Bear have a mutual admiration society, which might be where the confusion has crept in.

    And thanks for inadvertently leading me to discover the band Grizzly Bear, of whom I had not previously known! They sound pretty good too.

    1. I was also baffled by the review in The Guardian who, more or less said it was a cure for insomnia. And yes, the confusion over the band/album name was due largely to the bio, which I got information from. It wasn’t very clear and it also didn’t link to Bandcamp, or even to a site to buy any of his releases. Thanks for including the Bandcamp link – that’s a big help. And thanks again for your note – it’s appreciated!


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