Suede - in session 1996

Suede: dubbed one of Brit-Pop's Big Four

Suede In Session – 1996 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Suede - in session 1996
Suede: dubbed one of Brit-Pop‘s Big Four

Suede – in session – BBC Radio 1 – August 29, 1996 – BBC Radio 1 –

Suede in session to end the working week. Dubbed by New Musical Express as “The Best New Band In Britain” in 1992, Suede have long been considered one of Brit-Pop’s Big Four (alongside Pulp, Blue and Oasis).

With several personnel changes over the years, and a lay-off between 2003 and 2010, Suede continue to be a commercial and critical success. Their seventh and latest album, Night Thoughts, has been considered one of their biggest successes, outselling their sixth and reunion album, Bloodsports which returned the band to the top 10.

This session, done for BBC Radio 1 on August 29, 1996 came just ahead of the release of Coming Up, which was their first album since the departure of founding guitarist Bernard Butler and replaced by Richard Oakes as well as the inclusion of keyboard player Neil Codling. It was also the second album from the band to reach Number One, and was also nominated for a Mercury prize in 1997.

Aside from their commercial and critical success, Suede was one of the most written up bands in the press, with singer/frontman Brett Anderson showing a controversial streak about everything from his purported bi-sexuality to his aversion to the phrase “Brit-pop”.

But the controversies weren’t enough to dissuade audiences and critics to consistently heap praise. It was only towards the end of their first incarnation, where reviews and sales of their then-last album, A New Morning were disappointing and their label Nude Records, collapsed into bankruptcy that the band dissolved. But it only lasted seven years before a reunion took place for a series of concerts which have kept them together ever since.

One of the important bands of the 90s, during a time where changes were happening everywhere and musical directions were flying all over the place.

A band that, if you aren’t familiar with, you should time some time to check out – starting with this session from 1996.

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