Keith Jarrett - live in Paris - 1972
Keith Jarrett - And having absolute pitch wasn't a bad thing either.

Keith Jarrett Trio – Live In Paris – 1972- Past Daily Downbeat

Keith Jarrett - live in Paris - 1972

Keith Jarrett – And having absolute pitch wasn’t a bad thing either.

Keith Jarrett Trio – live in Paris – Recorded at Maison de la Radio – Studio 104 – June 9, 1972 – Radio France –

Keith Jarrett this weekend. Continuing an impromptu look at musical changes in the 70s and the game changers among us at the time. Keith Jarrett has been part of that new breed of Jazz musician who has transcended musical styles and genres to create something that is completely and uniquely their own. That he has been recognized for his contributions in both Jazz and Classical, speaks to a versatility and an ability to freely float in and out of the rigid structures of Classical music interpretation and the free improvisational nature of Jazz.

Not an easy thing to pull off – and if you’ll notice, we’ve had many more Jazz musicians able to jump into Classical territory than have been able to do it the other way around. Maybe it was, as I think Charlie Parker once said, to paraphrase, “filling yourself with all the structure, procedure and formalities that you can; absorb them, and then forget about them”. Keith Jarrett’s take on Bach (as well as John Lewis, who did a stunning set of Preludes and Fugues in the 80s) would no doubt bring a smile of recognition to Bach’s face.

At any rate, what we’ve got here isn’t Bach, but the legendary Trio setting with Paul Motian on drums and Charlie Haden on bass. It also features Jarrett in not just a piano capacity, but also playing soprano Sax, wooden flute and even tambourine.

This concert was recorded and preserved by Radio France at RFI’s Studio 104, Maison de la Radio in Paris on June 9th 1972. It’s the same lineup as the concert in Hamburg, which resulted in the ECM release Hamburg ’72.

If you haven’t heard this one before, by all means, check it out. If you haven’t heard Jarrett before – get yourself to a record store and dive in.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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