The Like - in session from London 2010

The Like - Local L.A. kids who happened to be well-connected. Still, a guilty pleasure.

The Like In Session – 2010 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Like - in session from London 2010
The Like – Local L.A. kids who happened to be well-connected. Still, a guilty pleasure.

The Like – in session at ICA, London – Sept. 15, 2010 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The Like to end the working week. The Like were (are) and Indie/Alt band from L.A. who also happen to be the daughters of Music Industry veterans. From drummer Tennessee Thomas (daughter of Elvis Costello & The Attractions Pete Thomas) Z Berg (guitar/vocals), daughter of Geffen Records Honcho Tony Berg. To Charlotte Froom (bass/vocals) daughter of producer Mitchell Froom. They were related to some heavy credentials.

But credentials only get you so far if you’ve got nothing to back it up with. In the case of The Like, they were enjoyable from the get-go. Their first ep, I Like The Like was issued by themselves. It was loaded with hooks and hummable melodies. It was not challenging – it wasn’t meant to be. It was fun and something to toss on the stereo when you felt like changing the perspective of the room a bit. I first heard about the band via their first ep and was hooked ever since.

They were drop-dead cute, but I never saw what they looked like before I heard their ep – and that was good, because it meant I was judging their music, not their looks.

I was a fan when their debut album came out in 2005, as did many critics. Some carped about the over-production of Wendy Melvoin, but I beg to differ. Whenever an album warrants repeated playings, and in this case, the first album getting heavy rotation on the car CD player, you know something right is happening.

But it didn’t break through any barriers and it didn’t launch overnight sensations. They did tour a lot. But in the interim there were personnel changes. Froom left and a direction change was in the works. Wendy Melvoin was replaced by Mark Ronson for the second album. Release Me came out in June 2010 and was hailed by some critics as a “vast improvement” over their debut album. The overall impression was that the band had adopted a more 60s girl-group/retro-fab/Farfisa drenched sound than before and that this new Like 2.0 version was deemed irresistable.

This session comes during that time and was recorded in session at ICA Studios in London during their tour to promote Release Me. Ironically, they would announce a hiatus in May the following year, 2011 and have been on hiatus ever since.

Whether they plan on getting back together is anybody’s guess – technically there is still a band, just not a gigging/recording one.

If you missed them the first time around, here is a taste of what they were all about during their second album. It’s a bit rough in places but overall, a nice reminder of a guilty pleasure.

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