Daily Archive: December 11, 2017

Beach House - in session 2009

Beach House In Session – 2009 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Beach House – in session -Soirée de Poche – Paris – 2009 – La Blogotheque – Beach House to start the week. From a session recorded in December of 2009, the Baltimore duo (with added drummer) stir up an intoxicating roux of sounds and ethereal soundscapes in front of a...

Democracy in Peril 1939

December 11, 1939 – Is Democracy In Peril? – Harold Ickes And Gen. Hugh S. Johnson Discuss

America’s Town Meeting: Is Democracy In Peril? – December 11, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – In the early days of the War, when it was still confined to Europe, and most considered it “their problem” and not ours, the conversation, at least in the America was whether or...