Carlo Maria Giulini and Daniel Barenboim

Carlo Maria Giulini with Daniel Barenboim - Brahms for the Pensioners.

Carlo Maria Giulini With Daniel Barenboim And The Chicago Symphony – 1977 Pension Fund Concert – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Carlo Maria Giulini and Daniel Barenboim
Carlo Maria Giulini with Daniel Barenboim – Brahms for the Pensioners.

Carlo Maria Giulini, guest Conductor – Daniel Barenboim, Piano Chicago Symphony – Nov. 11, 1977 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Another historic concert entry for Anti-Road Rage Wednesday. This week it’s The Chicago Symphony guest conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini and featuring pianist Daniel Barenboim in an all Brahms concert. Recorded on November 11, 1977 for the orchestra’s special Pension Fund Concert.

Beginning with the Brahms Piano concerto Number 2, with Barenboim as soloist, and concluding with the Symphony Number 1. Meat and potatoes and a couple of warhorses, to be sure. But in the gifted hands of Conductor and Piano soloist, it retains its magic and freshness. And The Chicago Symphony, one of the greatest orchestras in America if not the world, commit themselves with aplomb, making for a special event all the way around.

No stranger to the CSO, in fact, having been an integral part of the orchestra since his U.S. debut in 1955, Carlo Maria Giulini enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the orchestra as their Principle Guest Conductor – a position he retained until 1978, when he took over the reigns of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and served as L.A.’s music director and principle Conductor until leaving in 1984. Another very fruitful relationship. one that put the orchestra in a state of mourning when he left,

Daniel Barenboim is one of the legends of the keyboard, having split his time since 1956 with Conducting. His recordings as a Pianist are numerous, including complete sonata cycles of Beethoven Mozart and Schubert as well as the Piano concerto cycles of Beethoven, Brahms. He also had notable collaborations with his wife, the celebrated Jacqueline Du Pre and the violin legend Itzhak Perlman. Often referred to as “The Million Dollar Trio” – the recordings by this ensemble were considered hits as far as sales were concerned. But were also highly praised by critics.

A historic concert with two legendary Artists and a legendary Orchestra providing the background.


Note: since it was an FM broadcast, there are a few bumps and squeaks, but not enough to prevent enjoying. Honest!

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