Five Thirty - in session 1991

Five Thirty - joining the Society of Forgotten bands.

Five Thirty In Session – 1991 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Five Thirty - in session 1991
Five Thirty – joining the Society of Forgotten bands.

Five Thirty – in session – BBC Radio 1 – March 31, 1991 – BBC Radio 1 –

Five Thirty, to end the working week. One of the “forgotten bands” of the early 90s, Five Thirty got together in 1983, played their first gig in May of 1984, went through a few personnel changes before eventually signing to Atco/East-West in 1990.

They released one album, Bed, which reached 57 on the UK album charts in 1991 and issued some 6 singles/ep over the course of seven years. They disbanded in 1992, splitting off in different directions and different careers.

They have joined that massive-and-still-growing list of bands who had a few hits, made waves and then went off to obscurity upon their breakup.

In 2013 Bed was reissued by 3 Loop Music as a double CD, which also included several unissued tracks as well as BBC sessions and the Air-Conditioned Nightmare ep. And in 2014 Cherry Red Records issued some Five Thirty tracks as part of a Mod Revival compilation featuring bands from the 1977-1989 period which included tracks by Purple Hearts The Blades and Dansette.

But Five Thirty represented, not the only, but certainly the norm in Rock History; the bands who got together, made a modicum of waves, released an album, or only singles, opened for acts who went on to achieve great success, were remembered fondly in most cases by people who saw them at the time, but have since faded from memory. It just happens. If we remembered every act we ever saw or heard there would be no room for anything new. One of the great things about music is how it affects everyone just a little differently. I think every band or artist who ever stood on stage or recorded in the studio has left some impression on someone; it’s the nature of music and the impression its capable of making whether we are aware of it or not. I am certain there’s a Five Thirty fan club or at least an appreciation of them via a Facebook page.

Maybe that’s a comfort, especially to those musicians who swear up and down they’ve made no dent and are forgotten. Somebody’s heard you – they may have discovered you only recently in a cut-out bin or read a review in an old magazine or somebody got one of your t-shirts, but you are not forgotten.

And right now, you’re discovering Five Thirty if you haven’t already. That’s how it happens.

Crank it up.

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