Radiohead - one of the highly anticipated tours of 2017.

Radiohead – Live At Best Kept Secret 2017 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Radiohead – one of the most highly anticipated tours of 2017.

Radiohead – Live at Best Kept Secret June 18, 2017 – VPRO-Netherlands –

Radiohead for our last Backstage Weekend of 2017. One of the most anticipated (and quickly sold out) tours of 2017, Radiohead proved, without a shadow of doubt, that they are one of the truly great bands in the modern era of Alternative Music.

One of those bands who are in a perpetual state of reaching and trying new things, Radiohead have been one of the most influential bands, beginning in the 90s and can lay claim to that statement even today.

This concert comes from the tour that promoted Moon Shaped Pool and also comes around the time of the 20th anniversary of the release of OK Computer. The new box set, OKNOTOK which was expanded to include several unreleased track as well as single b-sides went to the top of the UK Album charts, highlighted by their appearance at Glastonbury 2017 three days after this appearance and five days ahead of the release of the digital version of OKNOTOK.

Tickets to a Radiohead concert during this tour were notoriously sold-out within minutes of being offered. Because it was so highly anticipated, online tickets vanished almost before they were offered.

But despite the sold-out shows, concerts throughout the tour were recorded and broadcast by a wide variety of organizations, including Netherlands Radio/TV outlet VPRO.

There were rumors going around that this was to be the last tour of Radiohead, but it appears 2018 is going to be almost as busy as 2017 was for them. Starting with a South American tour early in 2018 and hints of dates in the U.S. and Europe for Festival season. But Radiohead are very good at being the source of rumors; they are a band with a dedicated following, one which continues to expand and grab more fans in the process.

In case you missed any of the concerts this year – here is perhaps the next best thing.

All two-hour worth.

Enjoy, and keep your fingers crossed for 2018.

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