The Auteurs
The Auteurs - despite being pegged as Britpop, they insisted on being fringe-based.

The Auteurs In Session – 1993 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Auteurs

The Auteurs – despite being pegged as Britpop, they insisted on being fringe-based.

The Auteurs – in session at The BBC – January 1, 1993 – BBC Radio 1 –

The Auteurs in session to end up the week. Long considered part of the vanguard of the Britpop movement, the band thought otherwise, and founder Luke Haines insisted they be considered more fringe and Indie than the burgeoning new genre.

Whatever their musical leanings were, The Auteurs were an influential band during this period. And their debut album, New Wave, which was issued around the time of this first session by the band, had won considerable praise and was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. As far as the life expectancy of bands is concerned, The Auteurs remained together from 1991-1999 before calling it quits. But during that time they released four albums, all of which charted (although the last one, 1999’s How I Learned To Love The Bootboys peaked at 114) and released eight singles and four eps.

Not without their internal issues, as well as an over-stressed Luke Haines jumping off a wall in order to avoid touring. A stunt which landed him in a wheelchair the better part of a year, the band went through several personnel changes during that 8 year period.

In 2014, British Independent Music label 3 Loop Music reissued all the Auteurs albums, adding bonus tracks, b-sides, demos and radio sessions as well as pressing an lp version on 180 gm vinyl.

So they’ve never really faded from the scene and into the woodwork as so many bands have done. They have managed to maintain a strong fan base as well as numerous declarations from other bands as prime influences.

I don’t recall any of their singles or albums issued in the U.S. – so you may be hearing this band for the first time. You can also hear how they were pegged as Britpop, but you can also tell they were doing other things outside that realm. An interesting band to spend some time with.

Play loud, it’s almost the weekend anyway.

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