Simple Minds - BBC session 1982
Simple Minds - epitomized the 80s - at least the New Wave part.

Simple Minds In Session – 1982 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Simple Minds - BBC session 1982

Simple Minds – epitomized the 80s – at least the New Wave part.

Simple Minds – In session for David Jensen – BBC Radio 1 – 1982 – BBC Radio 1 –

Simple Minds in session for the BBC in 1982. Probably one of the bands who most epitomized the 80s, got their start in 1977 and scored a number of hits prior to their big breakthrough in 1985 when they were featured in the John Hughes teen-angst film Breakfast Club. This was the song that propelled the group into superstardom in the U.S. – from that point on they were household names. Furthered by their regular appearances via MTV and the slew of videos they did – they were pretty untouchable for a good stretch of the 1980s.

This session, done for David Jensen at BBC Radio 1 in 1982 comes roughly around the time of New Gold Dream and establishes the band in the UK and Europe. It also marked a breakthrough for the band in Australia. So word was getting around. New Gold Dream has been variously described as The Zenith of Pop Music, alongside breakthrough albums by ABC and The Associates.

Despite declines and revivals, as well as substantial personnel changes over the years, the Glasgow band continue to record and tour and have assembled some 17 albums, scores of singles and buckets of awards – not to mention selling well over 70 million copies of their albums.

With their latest album slated for release in February of this year, there has been a lot of anticipation. They’ve been touring sporadically since 2016 dropping hints of what’s in store. And not being ones to spend much time doting on the past, have announced their next album should be hitting the stores sometime in 2021.

If you missed Simple Minds the first time around, you may want to hit the play button and check out what they were up to in 1982, just as they were hitting their stride.

Good times all around – and it wouldn’t have been the 80s without them. Seriously.

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