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The Woodentops
The Woodentops – Raw, unpredictable, high-octane – everything a band should be.

The Woodentops – live at Glastonbury 1987 – BBC Radio 1 –

The Woodentops to close the weekend and get ready for the new week. A band whose boost in popularity was  largely due to Morrisey who wrote a glowing review in Melody Maker in 1984. Together since 1983 and still together today (with personnel changes . . .naturally), The Woodentops have maintained their unpredictable, frenetic and high energy as a live band, but it was the mid-1980s which saw their biggest strides and most critical acclaim. After releasing a series of singles, in 1986 they released their debut album, Giant which was well received by critics and reached Number 35 on the British lp charts.

They had their fans on this side of the Atlantic as well – mostly in Los Angeles, where listeners voted Stop This Car off their Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway as Number 15 in the hot 106 from KROQ‘s Best of 1988 beating out many more well-known bands. Their track Wheels Turning became a dancehall hit. But by their own admission: “Woodentops are a band from London that doesn’t sound like your band, or your friends band. Started 1982/3, seen some outstanding musicians come and go, yet still has some sort of magic.”

Needless to say, they have maintained a loyal following all these years and continue to record and tour, after a lay-off period from roughly 1992 until 2006. They are one of those bands who are well known in the underground as well as other musicians. Although you wouldn’t characterize them as a mainstream band, they have achieved a modicum of success and enough to sustain and continue what they are doing for years to come.

You may not be familiar with them – depending on where you are, you may never have heard them. But since our motto is “ignorance of your culture is considered uncool” it would behoove you to click on the player and give a listen to this 1987 Glastonbury concert. You may be convinced and you may be kicking yourself for not knowing about them sooner. Well . . .better late than never.

Play loud.

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