Alf Landon
Alf Landon - 1936 GOP candidate for President. And the one who changed political polls forever.

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2 Responses

  1. Don Saxton says:

    Like everything else he predicted, He was wrong. The U.S. would get mired in the War as he predicted, but we came out the most powerful Nation on Earth as a result, and had the resources to re-build much of the World that was devastated by the conflict. So far as Social Security, we still have it, and it’s more popular than ever before. Republicans still think like him and refuse to re-consider their views based on the evidence.

  2. Don Saxton says:

    The sad part of this Speech is the fact that Lend Lease did work. It bought the U.S. valuable time to build the greatest Military in the World while we supplied other Countries with Materiel’s to carry the fight until we could jump in. We didn’t ask these Countries to defend us during this time, and would have been able to defend ourselves in any case, but we had an obsolete Military and knew it. It was a wise move in hindsight, and that’s why it worked so brilliantly in the end. I’m certain the Republicans were just as in the dark about the Atomic Bomb as the rest of the World when we used it. As Americans, I think they should have been in on the Secret, but I can see why they weren’t. They were wrong back then, as they are now. I wish I didn’t think that way, but I see nothing in the Republican Party that is of redeeming value. It isn’t the Party of Eisenhower anymore. At least under his leadership we had some signs of progress for the average American—–not anymore!!!