Ticket to the Circus

Ticket to the Circus - no mention of jugglers and clowns, but it was a given.

January 11, 1999 – Getting Ready For The Circus – Getting Bluster From Iraq

Ticket to the Circus
Ticket to the Circus – no mention of jugglers and clowns, but it was a given.

January 11, 1999 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

January 11, 1999 – A day with a lot of news going for it. Between pending Impeachment trials and saber rattling from Iraq there was enough to keep just about everyone occupied, at least for a few minutes.

Starting with the latest incident over Iraq. American pilots and plans were reported safe after the latest incident in the skies over northern Iraq, the no-fly zone. It was reported that the planes were flying a routine mission enforcing the Northern No-Fly Zone when Iraqi forces began tracking them with radar at anti-aircraft batteries. The American pilots acted in self-defense, destroying the land-based missile launch site because it was posing a threat to the coalition forces. Meanwhile, Iraq began a series of posturing moves against its neighbors Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In response, Kuwait put its troops on full alert after members of the Iraqi National Assembly suggested Baghdad withdraw recognition of Kuwait’s borders. U.S. officials warned Iraq that any threat made against any of its neighbors would be met with force.

And the Clinton Impeachment circus was getting underway. This was a day of deadlines for some of the key players in the trial. Clinton’s lawyers were expected to respond on this day to the trial summons, and later they were expected to file their first response to the impeachment charges. The formal filing was not expected to break any new ground. The Clinton legal teams was going to argue that the President should not be removed from office. Ultimately, the White House wanted the impeachment charges thrown out, but this morning a senior official was quoted as saying that move would likely come after the prosecution and defense argue their cases before the full Senate and a jury. President Clinton was again trying to appear removed from the legal wrangling and the carnival-like atmosphere. He was slated to meet with Argentina‘s Carlos Menem. But with trial preparations underway, the traditional joint news conference with a visiting foreign leader had been scrubbed.

And that’s just a taste of what went on in the world, this January 11, 1999 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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