Wire - Always the band to listen to, not at.

Wire Live In Paris – 2011 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Wire – Always the band to listen to, not at.

Wire in concert from Paris (Black Session) – May 2011 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Wire in concert from Paris this weekend, recorded by RFI in Paris to be transmitted via Radio FranceLe Mouv channel on May of 2011. I won’t make any excuses, Wire have been one of my favorite bands since 1977 when they issued their debut album, Pink Flag. From the get-go they were several cuts above what was going on at the time. This was a band that held a lot of appeal on a lot of levels. There was a rawness which matched a visceral energy and their songs were high-definition pictures of discontent and pathos and I found myself riveted to the message.

As they’ve grown over the years, honing, experimenting and exploring, they’ve only added to what was initially a solid foundation, sustaining them some 40 years, wining them a new generation of fans in the process. It’s gratifying to know they are still as active and vital as ever, providing inspiration for musicians getting their feet wet.

Over the years, I’ve been chided by readers who ask why I only write about bands I like, that I don’t spend any time talking about or running music by bands or artists I detest. My theory on that is, there are a lot of places available to expose yourself to junk culture – music that falls short, offers no challenge, poses no interest – primarily mainstream artists that you can find just about everywhere. I choose not to be part of the problem, but rather offer music that I feel is important and vital and is maybe not as well exposed as some of the mainstream is, but is essential to hear if you’re serious about music and are moved by it.

The line; There are two types of Music: good music and bad music, is absolutely true. I choose to focus on the good music and hopefully turn you on to something you may not be familiar with. Wire is one of those bands. If you haven’t spent much time digging under the surface and steering clear of the over-hyped and under-original, you may have missed them. And I feel it’s part of my job to tell you about things you might find as interesting as I do. I am not the be-all/end-all as far as musical taste is concerned – I like a wide range of music and always have – I think it’s important to be exposed to as much different music as you possibly can because it only makes your experience more fulfilling.

All that by way of saying I love Wire, they are an important band with an essential point of view. You may or may not agree – but I am at least showing it to you in order to help you make up your own mind.

Fair enough?

Crank it up and enjoy.

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