The Fall

The Fall - America was baffled - but that was a good thing.

The Fall
The Fall – America was baffled – but that was a good thing.

The Fall – in concert at Tut’s, Chicago – July 16, 1981 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

With the sad news earlier this week regarding the death of leader/front man/writer/iconoclast Mark E. Smith of The Fall, tributes have been pouring in from all over the world. Clearly, Mark E. Smith touched a lot more people than even he would imagine. Nowhere was the loss more pronounced than at BBC 6 Music, where tributes, documentaries, Peel sessions and interviews filled the airtime from practically the second former Fall roadie, later bass player and now-DJ Marc Riley announced his passing on the air.

I ran their very last Peel session as way of tribute, and I’ve had a few requests to offer more. Since tIf yoyu he Peel sessions have all been run during the week and how most of the concert/club material I ran across was from a later time period, I thought I would offer this concert, done at Tut’s in Chicago on July 16, 1981, during their first U.S. tour as an example of what American audiences got a chance to hear.

If you missed the session I ran earlier this week (Peel session from 2004), by all means check it out. If you’re just discovering The Fall for the firs time – you may love it or hate it. True to form with this band, you can’t have any middle-ground positions when it comes to evaluating the band. I know people who hate them with a passion and I know others who have been profoundly affected by the music. Not for all tastes but then, would you really like the same music everyone else likes? I didn’t think so.

Continuing our tribute to the inimitable Mark E. Smith – here is The Fall, recorded in Chicago at Tut’s on July 16, 1981.

Crank it up.

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