The Japanese House

The Japanese House - aka: Amber Bain - Just when you need magic the most . . .

The Japanese House – In session at Best Kept Secret Festival – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Japanese House
The Japanese House – aka: Amber Bain – Just when you need magic the most . . .

The Japanese House – in session at Best Kept Secret Festival – June 16, 2017 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

There are days when you desperately need something to put it all in perspective – something not determined to increase the voltage in your seat or drive you vacant, but something that makes the world at least bearable, even for a little while. Admittedly, today was a day that made no sense – anyone who has followed the horrific events of yet another mass shooting in America will know what I’m saying. After having your senses and your values bashed around and questioned, you need something that lets you know it’s all okay – everything works out, we are capable of much better things.

It was by accident that I stumbled across this session by The Japanese House from last years Best Kept Secret festival in The Netherlands. I admit I had heard about The Japanese House (aka: Amber Bain who is the brains behind the whole thing) but had not yet heard her (them). I know they had done a few gigs on the West Coast the past couple of years and I know they have a dedicated and growing following. I gladly count myself as one.

What I didn’t know was how perfect the music was in helping make sense out of a senseless day. How the voice and words of Amber Bain (who is, in reality The Japanese House, because she actually hates her name) offered solace, and warm comfort in times of deep emotional stress. I have the feeling she didn’t plan it that way, how could she – how could anyone? Her music is potent and heady – the sounds, luxuriant, the tapestry complex and ethereal. The effect is transportive – slipping out of the reality of the moment into the power of words and notes. I guess you could say this is the essence of the power of music to heal – or at least to offer a solution.

All I know is, it’s exactly what I needed tonight and I’m grateful to have found it. Right place – right time – right vibe.

The Japanese House’ debut album should be out by now, if not shortly. Made a point to get it and dive into it.

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