Monthly Archive: February 2018

Catherine Wheel - 1993 0

Catherine Wheel – Live From Cleveland – 1993 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Catherine Wheel – live at Peabody’s Down Under – WMMS-FM – Dec. 12, 1993 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Catherine Wheel in concert this weekend. Forgive the repetition if you’ve heard this from me before, but Catherine Wheel were one of the game-changer bands for me in the early...

John Anderson - 1980 0

John Anderson: Presidential Candidate 1980 – Past Daily Weekend Reference Room

John Anderson – Face The Nation – Feb. 3, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – John Anderson, upon hearing of his death last year, many people had forgotten who John Anderson was, and what was significant about him. Anderson was running for President in 1980. As a Republican, he...

El Salvador 0

February 1, 1982 – Let Poland Be Poland – The Mounting Tragedy Of El Salvador

February 1, 1982 – CBS World News Roundup-CBS Hourly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 1, 1982 – Between the situation in Gdansk, Poland and San Salvador in El Salvador, the Reagan White House Foreign Policy was being put to the test. From Poland came the release of...