The Furze

The Furze - formerly Kid Galahad - same band, new name.

Kid Galahad/The Furze – In Concert 2003/2007 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Furze
The Furze – formerly Kid Galahad – same band, new name.


Kid Galahad – Live At Minehead March 16, 2003 – The Furze – Live in Glasgow – Oct. 27, 2007 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Not a double bill tonight, but the same band in two venues at two different times. I first discovered Kid Galahad via MySpace. The Indie four-piece from Maidenhead seemed to be going along quite well – and this gig from Minehead in March of 2003 was ample proof of that. Then, all of a sudden Kid Galahad disappears from MySpace and re-emerges as The Furze. Same band, different name. Okay – it’s allowed, no law against it.

Most listeners in the States would be hard-pressed to name a song by Kid Galahad. But as The Furze, they have been featured prominently on numerous TV commercials, TV shows and films. They are a hook-laden band with catchy riffs and it makes perfect sense their music lends itself so well to visuals. And lest you think that getting your stuff on a Motel Six commercial or an episode of a TV series is an artist cop-out, kindly be reminded that, as a musician you have to eat – the garret lifestyle is a myth and paying your bills on time is key to your survival. And if it means getting a fat paycheck from Deutsch Advertising for a Target commercial – more power to you. The Furze are talented and they are good at what they do, and they are like so many bands working right now, scratching out a living any way they can. Some do it well, some do it just to stay slightly above water. But The Furze have had a good following for several years now. Their albums (of which there are 4: three as Kid Galahad and one as The Furze) have modestly well and have been critically acclaimed.

So, by way of example and maybe to now hear what you’ve been hearing for a while and not knowing who it was, here are two gigs by the same guys – a 2003 gig by Kid Galahad and a 2007 gig by The Furze,

Crank it up and get ready for the weekend.

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