Haight Street 1967

You're At The Counter-Culture Epicenter. And it's so bitchin' you can't stand it.

It’s 1967 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Hitched To San Francisco – You Are Where It’s At.

Haight Street 1967
You’re At The Counter-Culture Epicenter. And it’s so bitchin’ you can’t stand it.

The Beef – KMPX-FM – Spring-Summer 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Like most of Western Civilization, during the year of 1967, you have joined thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands for the trek to the fabled city of San Francisco.

And like most of your friends, you hitched to PCH from Pasadena, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Culver City, Venice, or points in between and began your trek north. Half of you told your parents you were going to Palm Springs and the other half told your parents you were going camping. None of you told your parents you’re going to San Francisco because you want to go to Golden Gate Park and hang out on Haight Street and be part of the Great Gathering – because you have to. Your life won’t be complete if you don’t – you don’t want to miss a single thing. This is important.

And once you get there, either by straight shot from one ride or a series of rides that make getting there an adventure, you arrive in The City. And you may have a friend of a friend of a cousin of somebody you know in 3rd Period Biology who is going to either San Francisco State or UC Berkeley – and you crash with about 10 other people who all seem to know someone who knows someone who knows someone and it’s clogged with people. Doesn’t matter – you have a floor and your sleeping bag and your friends. The air is thick with Marlboros, dope, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Somebody has a radio and they have it tuned to KMPX and a DJ called The Beef is laying all the tunes out for you. Life is groovy and you have arrived.

And maybe you wanted to go but you couldn’t – you were grounded or it was too far away, or you were curious but not that curious.

So as a reminder, in case you missed it, forgot, avoided it or were in Boot Camp, here is a half-hour slice of The Beef from Spring or Summer 1967 from KMPX-FM, San Francisco.

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