Postwar Europe - 1946

While we were dealing with Labor issues - Europe was dealing with Hearts And Minds issues.

March 16, 1946 – Labor Unrest At Home – Political Unrest Overseas

Postwar Europe - 1946
While we were dealing with Labor issues – Europe was dealing with Hearts And Minds issues.

March 16, 1946 – MBS – Frazier Hunt News and Commentary – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 16, 1946. – 7 months after the end of World War 2 and Labor continued to be an issue domestically and the beginnings of the Cold War was taking shape overseas, if The United Nations was any indication. The Coal Strike was dragging on and President Truman was calling in all parties in an attempt to break the deadlock. A conference was set to take place on this day, but all indications were hardly encouraging with John L. Lewis of The Mine Workers once agin locked in a room with Charles O’Neil representing the Mine Operators. The issue of the Workers Welfare Fund had already threatened to derail talks. According to sources, the principle question to be discussed on this day was whether it was worthwhile to ask the UMW (United Mine Workers) to reopen negotiations as they had been broken off indefinitely the day before, but they were trying again this day.

Also on the Labor front – government officials were pushing plans for a seizure of the nation’s railroads if necessary to stall a strike set for this coming weekend. President Truman vowed to take such action if it proved to be necessary.

And The United Nations Security Council was in session, meeting over the issue of Albania‘s request to join the UN. The U.S. was confident the body would approve Albania’s admission, against the Soviet Union’s objections, but it put forth a plan to delay for two months any final decision. The U.S. was hopeful they could count on enough votes, thus overriding Russia’s objections. Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko was expected to return to Council meetings, after a lengthy absence. The UN Commission on Human Rights, with its final report to the Economic and Social Council blocked by the opposition of a Russian Representative, was slated to convene later this day for another effort to win approval for its recommendations. Clashes between the Russians and commission Chairman Mrs. Roosevelt the day before, when he refused to approve the report, because of his objections to two of the recommendations.

In Europe, 31 persons were wounded by hand-grenades in Naples, when Monarchists tried to rush Communists barricaded inside Communist Headquarters. Five of the wounded were in critical condition. 20 Communists were arrested.

And Arab leaders said they believed King Farouk of Egypt was assembling a campaign to halt a swing of Arab states towards Russia. They made clear they did not expect Soviet help in Palestine.

And that’s a small slice of the news as it was presented by Newsman and Commentator Frazier Hunt for March 16, 1946.

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