Fabienne DelSol

Fabienne DelSol - a charming mashup of Chanson, Retro and Psych

15 Minutes With Fabienne DelSol – 2006-2010 – Nights At The Round Table – The MySpace Years

Fabienne DelSol
Fabienne DelSol – a charming mashup of Chanson, Retro and Psych

Fabienne DelSol – Songs from 2006-2010 – Damaged Goods Records –

During that comparatively brief period when MySpace was a wonderful portal to Creative people from all over the world meeting up in one place and showing off their stuff, there were more bands per square foot than any other Music site on the planet at the time. If you were part of it, and visited daily (as was the case, along with spending many hours during each of those days), you found a treasure trove of new artists, new photographers, new graphics designers, new writers – an entire world of people just bouncing off of each other, making high-tech magic.

At one point, I was putting together a sampler project of bands who were indie/alternative/experimental and only sang in Spanish. I found roughly 600 groups of artists that hadn’t been signed to a label, who were just getting started and who were 90% amazing. 600 bands – artists from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America – and that was just the Latin portion of the planet. The thing that was unique about MySpace during that period was the wide-range and diverse talents that all showed up and loaded their players with what they were working on and everybody got to listen.

And the Indie labels, showcasing their acts was an embarrassment of riches. Many of the labels that are household names now were just getting started – putting together demos and eps and streaming audio of new acts and new songs – every week.

One of those was an Indie label in the UK called Damaged Goods. An impressive roster of talent, but one artist in particular was a standout. Fabienne DelSol was born and grew up in France and relocated to Britain in the late 1990s. She landed with a band known as The Bristols and they put out an intriguing mix of Retro 60s, Chanson and Psych. She recorded three albums with them before going solo and releasing two more, including a Best Of compilation in 2010.

I have no idea what she’s up to now – the last album came out in 2010 and there hasn’t been any word or further releases.

But to give you some idea of what MySpace was making available to everyone at the time – and why their sale to Newscorp was such a disaster from which they’ve never recovered, here is a 15 minute sampler of Fabienne DelSol with tracks from each of her albums recorded between 2006 and 2010. Much of her material has wound up on Soundcloud, but it’s not the same, and there’s little or no information to be had. Nice try but . . . .

Crank it up and enjoy it to pieces.

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