News From Times Square - march 1942

News from Times Square - march 1942

March 26, 1942 – The Imperative Of A Second Front

News From Times Square - march 1942
News from Times Square – march 1942

March 26, 1942 – News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 26, 1942 – News from all the fighting fronts throughout the world this day. More calls for opening a second front – this time from Russia, as Soviet troops launched a counteroffensive, pushing German troops back and recapturing several towns and villages along the way. Soviet Ambassador to Britain Maisky told officials in London that the coming Spring and Summer would prove crucial and that the allies must be prepared to open a second front. Maisky made this announcement as he was giving Order Of Lenin Medals to several RAF pilots who had fought on the Russian front. News also that Britain made enrollment in the Home Guard compulsory if Britons were not already doing war work or in the armed services.

The situation in the Pacific was tenuous – with General MacArthur settling in at his new headquarters in Australia, and promising members of the Australian government that the U.S. would prevail, that it wasn’t a lost cause.

News from London that hundreds of RAF bombers struck several cities in Germany overnight, including important industrial centers along the Ruhr River, with the introduction of a new Bomber to the arsenal. Damage inflicted was reported as heavy and RAF losses were described as light.

News from Washington that a stepped-up plan for increased war workers meant that practically every person not already doing war work, or enlisted in the Armed Forces was going to be doing something for the war effort. The goal was 100%. And the reality of a Women’s Auxiliary Corps was closer, with promises that most of the current Military desk jobs in Washington would go from Men to these newly enlisted Women, thus freeing up the Men to do more urgent War work in other areas.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on, this March 26th in 1942 as reported by The News Of The World from the Red Network of NBC.

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