Mow - in session RNE Radio 3
Gabriella of Mow - A voice, haunting in its simplicity, intoxicating in its intent. (photo: Víctor Fernández-Peñaranda)

Mow In Session – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders Edition

Mow - in session RNE Radio 3

Gabriella of Mow – A voice, haunting in its simplicity, intoxicating in its intent. (photo: Víctor Fernández-Peñaranda)

Mow – in session at Conciertos de Radio 3 RNE – March 28, 2018 – Radio Nacional España –

Continuing our Rock Without Borders Week in Spain with a concert session by Mow, recorded by RNE Radio 3 in Madrid on March 28, 2018.

One of the more recent bands to arrive on the scene, Mow have picked up a good-sized following, due mostly to the utterly hypnotic and luxuriant voice of founder/singer Gabriella Casero, who began playing and putting a band together while still in High School.

I admit I didn’t get much foundation information on the band; where they are playing/touring. Is there a tour of Europe planned? Are there festival appearances in the future? Is there the possibility of swing through the U.S. anytime soon? Any new album projects in the works?

All I was able to dig up, via various searches, was a brief bio on their Subterfuge records page – I put the “gist translation” as well as the original Spanish bio, since I know the gist is wrong in a lot of places.

English gist:

MOW is the musical project of Gabriela Casero, a young woman from Madrid with a velvety voice who combines elements of pop and electronica in a proposal of overflowing personality.

An abandoned guitar and the attempt to conquer a boy from his high school led the Madrilenian to sit down to create songs. After playing for a few years with the guitar, MOW decided to evolve and play with electronic elements. Since the beginning of her proposal she was looking for a sound referenced by artists such as Angel Olsen, Margaret Glaspy, Súcre, Sea Oleena, Lydia Ainsworth, Violents and some tacky remix … Influenced by details of the creations of these artists, she managed to create one of the most original proposals and with more personality today.

Her astronomical shyness ends up becoming the main feature and virtue of her proposal. After the English language and electronic elements, she camouflages herself to put together her songs and transmit stories.

In December 2016, MOW signs for Subterfuge and presents “Grasiah”. With it begins a career begun, apparently, by the chance of conquest, but that is just a causal path that from the beginning pointed to an extensive and artistic direction.

Spanish original:

MOW es el proyecto musical de Gabriela Casero, una joven madrileña de voz aterciopelada que combina elementos de pop y electrónica en una propuesta de desbordante personalidad.

Una guitarra abandonada y el intento de conquistar a un chico de su instituto llevaron a la madrileña a sentarse a crear canciones. Tras trastear durante unos años con la guitarra, MOW decidió evolucionar y jugar con elementos electrónicos. Desde el inicio de su propuesta buscaba un sonido referenciado por artistas como Angel Olsen, Margaret Glaspy, Sùcre, Sea Oleena, Lydia Ainsworth, Violents y algún remix hortera… Influenciado por detalles de las creaciones de estos artistas logra crear una de las propuestas más originales y con mayor personalidad de la actualidad.

Su astronómica timidez termina por transformarse en la mayor característica y virtud de su propuesta. Tras la lengua inglesa y elementos electrónicos, se camufla para armar sus canciones y transmitir historias.

En diciembre de 2016 MOW ficha por Subterfuge y presenta “Grasiah”. Con ella comienza una carrera iniciada, aparentemente, por la casualidad de conquista, pero que tan solo es un camino causal que desde el principio apuntaba hacia una extensa y artística dirección.

I suggest you just hit the Play button, have a listen and enjoy.

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