Francois Mitterand

Francois Mitterand - First Socialist President in a long time.

May 10, 1981 – France Has A New President – Florida Has A New Sinkhole

Francois Mitterand
Francois Mitterrand – First Socialist President in a long time.

May 10, 1981 – CBS News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 10, 1981 – Big news from France this day. As polls closed and results were being tallied, Socialist candidate for President Francois Mitterrand was emerging the winner. Elected with Communist support, Mitterrand would be hearing the French government for the next seven years, ending 23 years of Conservative government. Mitterrand would take office at the end of May, and would soon after dissolve the Conservative-dominated National Assembly and call new legislative elections. Conservative President Valerie Giscard d’Estaing conceded defeat even before the final vote was tallied and sent his congratulations to Mitterrand on the new presidency.

And there was other news – U.S. Ambassador Philip Habib was still trying to cool tensions between Syria and Israel over threats to Lebanon. Syria wasn’t going to move its missiles and for its part, Israel was flying supersonic missions over Beirut causing sonic booms to shake the city where 21 people had been killed in fighting the previous night.

In Belfast Northern Ireland, restraint by IRA forces and careful patrolling by British Police units have so far kept violence below what was expected in the wake of the funeral for hunger striker Bobby Sands, who died a few days earlier.

And in Florida; the giant sinkhole that ate a house, a camper and five cars in Winter Park Florida stabilized somewhat and began filling up with water. But Water Park officials warned the sinkhole was continuing its growth and expand over the next several days. A local Hydrologist said when the sinkhole finished consuming its share of houses, cars and local real estate, Winter Park Florida would have new lake to enjoy – locals were planning on calling it Lake Surprise.

And that’s a little bit of what went on, this May 10, 1981 as reported over the CBS Radio Network.

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