Neuman - In Concert

Neuman - A 2018 slant on Shoegaze/Indie - like it never went away.

Neuman Live At Warm Up 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

Neuman - In Concert
Neuman – A Spanish slant on Shoegaze/Indie – like it never went away.

Neuman – Live at Warm Up 2018 – Murcia, Spain – May 7, 2018 – Radio Nacional España –

Neuman, live at the Warm Up 2018 Festival in Murcia, Spain – recorded by RNE 3 in Madrid on May 7th. Further evidence Festival season is slowly getting underway. Neuman is a Spanish Shoegaze/Indie/Minimalist band who are based in Murcia. I suspect they are not all that well known in the U.S. – so, to get a better idea and some background – I’m relying on their Wikipedia page (gist translated from Spanish):

Neuman is a Murcian musical group created by Paco Román on June 24, 1998 . His music, characterized as minimalist , goes back to the genre Shoegaze and Post-rock . At the moment its components are, Paco Román as vocalist, guitarist, composer and founder of the band, Dani Molina with Piano and Bass and José Sánchez on drums.

The name of the group is not the result of chance, but is given by the name of Paco Román’s dog . His 15-year-old pet was named Neuman. In addition, he has dedicated two songs. In Plastic Heaven there is an affectionate dedication, My little Nuiman , where he pays a small tribute to his pet. 1 These types of tributes to loved ones or important to the band, are usually common. According to Paco Román , “Ingrid” is dedicated to her daughter; “Lovers” , to his friend Fernando Lillo; “Jane” , to the woman he loved; “Amay” , to a friend to whom she keeps special affection; “My dad”, in effect, to his father, etc.

In the 90’s, Paco Román was the head of a band from Murcia, “La Fabrica de la Luz” , together with the members of the current Murcia group Second . With this band he published two works: “Sonic Love” (Locomotive Records) and “The factory of light” (EMI – Odeon). After the disappearance of the same one in 1998, Paco decides to carry out its own work, to which, baptizes like Neuman . He spends some years composing and recording alone more than 150 songs, composed and executed by himself. 2 At the end of 2009 he meets the pianist Fernando Lillo. In May 2010, they toured Switzerland, Austria and Italy with the New Yorkers Aluminum Babe , which ended with some concerts in Spain. In 2010, Neuman releases its first album, “Plastic Heaven” . The album was well received by critics and the public. 3 In that same year, festivals such as Microsonidos, Wild Weekend Festival or Monkey Week (El Puerto de Santa María) include them in their programming. Throughout 2011, and with his first album (Plastic Heaven) already on sale, Neuman continued with the promotion of his first live work in theaters and festivals of the nation, performing, among others, in the SOS 4.8 PRO Festival , in Heineken Day of Music 2011 in Madrid and in theInternational Festival of Benicassim also in 2011. They also carried out a tour throughout Spain with more than 50 concerts. From this first album they published four videoclips: “Plastic Heaven”, “Just A Lie”, “I Have the will” and “La Yo”, and a video clip for the end of the tour, recorded live at the Sala Moby Dick in Madrid, in which was the last concert of it. At the end of April they went to the RTVE studios, where they were in the “acoustic interviews” of Hoy Empieza Todo on Radio 3 . In 2011, Neuman begins to record his second project, “The Family Plot” . For the recording, the band intentionally recovered the way to make records of thirty years ago, avoiding the use of certain technological advances and recording everything practically live.4 At the moment, Radio 3 has dared to catalog “The Family Plot” as one of the best albums of 2012 4 On April 23, 2013, Neuman released a new album, Bye Fear / Hi Love , in which they collaborate with the prestigious international musician, Ken Stringfellow . In May 2014 the group released their fourth album, If , in which K. Stringfellow has collaborated again. In the recording they have used a score of different guitars in the songs, a multitude of synthesizers, drummers from the 50’60’70’, they have used the same mixer where two of the best Supertramp albums or tracks of some disc of “Queen”. The disc has been recorded on magnetic tape.

The IF Tour was extended with more than 260 concerts in almost three years. So to give continuity to it, Neuman released a 7 “red vinyl called” Trapped “in January 2015. Trapped contained two songs: Trapped and Summer Love, and on June 14, 2016 Neuman published a new EP “I love you” with four tracks: “I love you”; “Badlands”, a theme that Paco Román composed to recreate the soundtrack of Terrence Malick’s homonymous film for the 2015 Abycine: “Still on time” and “Contigo” rara avis in the discography of the band since it is sung in Spanish This album was released in a limited edition and was presented in a Showcase in Madrid at the FNAC in Callao on September 25, 2016.

In November of this year, the song “Kids” belonging to the album “If” is chosen to be the soundtrack of the spot that commemorates the tenth anniversary of the alliance between FC Barcelona and Unicef ​​”The triumph of dreams” in the It is celebrated that a million children around the world have benefited. The spot is the work of the prestigious Jorge Martínez. Paco Román with his record label Subterfuge ceded the rights for this campaign.

In December 2016 the very extensive IF Tour came to an end with two concerts: December 15 in Madrid, Sala Joy Eslava, and December 16 in Mallorca, La Red, celebrating the seventh anniversary of the radio station “Bn Mallorca”.

Neuman will rest to be able to start the 5th LP album of the band.

On September 15, 2017 saw the release of the fourth LP of the band: CRASHPAD. It has been created and recorded in the new studies Crashpad sitos in the house of Granada by Paco Román. It was released on CD and double vinyl 45 rpm under the Subterfuge label. The Crashpad tour has already begun and among its first dates is Madrid with a concert in the Joy Eslava room on October 05, 2017.

That should give you some idea of who Neuman is, and hopefully that will prompt you to do some exploring, starting with hitting the Play button and checking this concert out.

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