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Suarez - A-Sides and B-Sides
Suarez with Rosario Blefari – The be-all/end-all for Argentine Indie during the 1990s.

Suarez – A-Sides and B-Sides – Compilation album – 2005

One of the more important bands during the 1990s in Argentina. Suarez epitomized Indie and the spirit of experimental Pop Music in South America. Fronted by Rosario Blefari, Suarez probably had more in common with the Prog and Psych bands of Europe during the 70s than hybrids of New Wave and Techno.

Although the band was together for a relatively short period of time (1988-2001) not all that time was spent gigging and recording. There were stretches of inactivity. During that time, they issued five albums and one ep (their final released project0. In 2005, a compilation was put together featuring alternate takes, b-sides of single – some experimental projects and even music for a film project.

The band were so popular at the time, that a documentary film on Suarez was released in 2015 and it prompted the band to resurrect for a few live dates, with initially word that this owuld be the last time Suarez was going to be together, since Blefari had a solo project going as well as a lot of acting gigs in Argentinian feature films and TV dramas.

I’ve run Suarez tracks over the years – and I always remark about how getting exposure in other parts of the world, especially in the U.S. might have been a huge benefit to the band and spread their popularity beyond their borders. But, as is often the case (though less now than even 10 years ago) a band singing in another language shapes up to being a tough sell.

To get you acquainted with what’s on the player, here’s the rundown:

01- Violencia Familiar (Ruido Nro 1 (cassette) (1992)00:00
02 – 4 (Excursiones 1999 bonus track reedicion 2005) 02:54
03-Desmaya ( Ruido CD) 05:07
04-Corazones En La Marea (Ruido Nro 1 (cassette) (1992) )08:24
05- demo de Explosión Madonna (Horrible (1995) tema oculto)11:55
06-Brilla ( Ruido CD) 14:40
07-Niño vacio (cover de la nueva flor ) (cd City Limits)19:20
08-Hora de ver (Base sampleo de Massive Attack) 21:59
09-Collage sonoro (Horrible (1995 tema oculto) 26:53
10-Brilla (versión alternativa) (Hora de No Ver (1994 tema oculto )28:58
11-Dimensión Desconocida The Freaks Attack (compilado oficial del festival de cine de terror de San Sebastián) 32:26

They may or may not be your cup of tea. I freely admit to being a fan, and have been since first hearing them via MySpace in 2006. They have been very influential over the years and their popularity hasn’t waned in all that time. Right now, Rosario Blefari is fronting another band (Sue Mon Mont) as well as doing several solo projects.


Rosario Blefari
Rosario Blefari – the voice and the method behind the exquisite madness.
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