The Blind Suns

The Blind Suns - a Franco-Polish take on nu-Psych/Shoegaze and Dark Twang.

The Blind Suns In Concert – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

The Blind Suns
The Blind Suns – a Franco-Polish take on nu-Psych/Shoegaze and Dark Twang.

The Dark Suns- Live At FIMU Festival, Belfort France – April 19, 2018 – France Bleu Radio –

If you spent any time in Austin Texas this Winter, partaking of SXSW, you may have had a chance to hear The Blind Suns for yourself. The French/Polish conglomerate, fronted by the captivating and ethereal Dorota Kuszewska’s vocals have the good fortune of scoring a a lot of attention from this side of the Atlantic and plan to be taking the trek around the U.S. before they head back to Strasbourg. With three albums under their belt and together only four years, it would be a safe assumption to consider The Dark Suns a band that’s in it for the long haul.

The press has been good, bordering on glowing.

Here are couple of words via their Facebook page (gist translation):

With their oceanic Psych-Pop open to all horizons – Shoegaze discretion at the Jesus & Mary Chain, Dick Dale Surf guitars, Mazzy Star melodies – the blind suns seem to have fallen into the magic Reverb when they were little. The offshore wind on the rise, they seduced the English (production of their latest EP by Clive Martin – Queen, The Cure), the Americans (US tours, SXSW Austin 2016 & 2017, Levitation Festival) and finally the French (signature at Deaf Rock Records – Strasbourg). A new album produced by Charles Rowell from the Crocodiles group is in the cards. Do not miss them!

Citing Mazzy Star, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive, The Cure and The Velvet Underground as major influences, they’ve managed to shape a distinctive sound and build a solid fan base in the process.

I suspect they will be regular fixtures on the Festival circuit this year, and if their appearance at the FIMU Festival in Belfort France this past April is any indication, they will be offering a lot of stand-out performances.

To get a taste if you aren’t already familiar, crank this one up and check it out.

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