Dorian - in concert

Dorian - One of Spain's best known and most popular bands.

Dorian In Concert – Viva La Musica 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders Edition

Dorian - in concert
Dorian – One of Spain’s best known and most popular bands.

Dorian – in concert at Viva La Musica – 2018 – RNE Radio 3 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Dorian to end up the working week. One of the most popular and nationally-renown bands on the Spanish Music Scene, Dorian have been around since 2002, have six albums to their credit, numerous awards – and it’s safe to say most Americans have never heard of them. Am I right?

Okay – here’s some background via their Wikipedia page:

Dorian is a Spanish band from Barcelona which was formed in 2004. Its sound is a mixture of styles such as new wave, electronic music and indie rock. Dorian is considered one of the most nationally-renowned artists in the Spanish music scene. They regularly go on tour in Latin America and European countries like France and Portugal. As of now they have recorded 6 albums: 4 studio albums with original songs, an unplugged album named ‘’Diez años y un día’’ (featuring acoustic versions of their most successful songs) and a CD which was recorded during their concert at Arenal Sound Festival, in 2015.

The band was formed by Marc Dorian (main composer and lyricist), Belly Hernández (piano, synthesizers, arrangements and vocals) and Bart Sanz (bass). The other two main members are Lisandro Montes (synthesizers, guitar, arrangements and vocals) and Víctor López (drums).

In recent years, some of their songs like Cualquier otra parte, Paraísos artificiales and La tormenta de arena have become hits and have received millions of views in YouTube.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Barcelona had a lively music scene, in both the rock & pop and electronic genres. Marc Dorian, Belly Hernández and Bart Sanz (three musicians linked to the independent scene) decided to start a project the sound of whichwas a combination of new wave elements from the 80s and electronic sounds from the 90s and 2000s. That is why some of the earliest influences of the band were groups like Radio Futura, Nacha Pop, Aviador Dro, New Order, The Cure, The Chameleons, Dntel and The Postal Service.

It was not easy for Dorian at the beginning. They went for a sound based on the mixture of synthesizers and guitars and lyrics in Spanish, but the underground musical scene was mostly dominated by rock in English. Nevertheless, the band made their way step by step winning demo competitions, like the one organized by the Zorrock Festival in which the band won against 1500 contestants.

The band’s first forays abroad were at festivals like the MIFOC (Balkans) and the Maus Hábitos (Portugal). Between 2003 and 2004 Dorian performed in many Spanish cities. This tour helped the band to be recognized just before they released their first album.

In recent years Dorian celebrated their first ten years as a band with a special album: Diez años y un día in 2015

It’s an unplugged album in which the band reinvented in an acoustic key some of their most iconic themes, such as Cualquier otra parte, Verte amanecer, El temblor, Los amigos que perdí and La tormenta de arena. They round off the album with two unreleased tracks: Arrecife (which opens the album) and Ara, a song sung in Catalan, in which the band tackles the profound disconnection that is being experienced in Europe and Spain between the political class and the citizens. Diez años y un día shows a rare instrumental display in contemporary music that includes pianos, cello, violins, wind instruments, theremin, harpsichords, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, percussion and even the harmonious timbre of the ronroco, an instrument made of rope originating in the Southern Cone of America that belongs to the charangos family.

The album includes a version of Los amigos que perdí sung as a duet with Santi Balmes, lead singer of Love of Lesbian, and El temblor, which features the collaboration of Mexican singer Marion Sosa, member of the Mexican duet Love la femme. Diez años y un día was top 9 in Spain and has been released in numerous countries. The band is currently immersed in an intense tour of Spain and much of Latin America.

They recently released the video of the other version included in Diez años y un día, starring the prestigious actors Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Bastards, Good Bye, Lenin!, Rush, Captain America: Civil War) and Maria Valverde (Three Meters above the sky, Exodus, now or never). Directed in quality film by Alexandre Tregón, the video shows the origin of an infectious love between both protagonists, who are found again through the music of Dorian after a separation.

The band has been nominated for the IMAS (Mexican independent music awards) for Best Spanish Artist. They have also been nominated for the MIN awards (independent music awards in Spain) and for the MTV EMAs (Europe Music Awards) in 2010.

So now you know and now you know enough to not have any preconceived notions about a bands whose primary language isn’t English.

Crank it up and enjoy. There’s a lot of it to be had.

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