Iggy Pop In Concert

Iggy Pop (with Anthony Bourdain) - Fitting tribute, stunning loss (RIP: Anthony Bourdain)

Iggy Pop – Live At Rock En Seine 2016 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend (Anthony Bourdain Memorial Edition)

Iggy Pop In Concert
Iggy Pop (with Anthony Bourdain) – Fitting tribute, stunning loss (RIP: Anthony Bourdain)

Iggy Pop – live At Rock en Seine – August 28, 2016 – RFI – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

With the shocking and tragic death of Anthony Bourdain only yesterday, it’s been hard to focus on much else, other than the staggering loss and the remarkable soul who was in our midst and who now is no longer with us; no longer casting light.

Because Anthony Bourdain had such a high regard for Iggy Pop, and since I was scrambling for something fitting as a tribute to the man and his memory by way of a man whose music and spirit struck a receptive chord in his, as well as our emotional makeup, running this concert from the 2016 Rock en Seine Festival seemed like the only sensible thing to do. It seemed fitting by way of tribute to run a concert by an artist held in such high esteem and whose work has been influential to so many people over the years.

But it doesn’t diminish the great sadness I feel for someone we lost, whom many people knew but whom many more did not, but whose example and fearless nature will not be leaving us anytime soon. It’s that feeling of having the rug pulled out – of waking up Friday morning to the equivalent of a kick in the stomach – of suddenly finding yourself at a loss for words, as many of those who were fans of Anthony Bourdain felt that all-pervasive sense of terrible loss; like losing a friend or a family member. Listening to this concert, in fact listening to so many concerts by Iggy Pop over the years, you get the feeling he and Anthony Bourdain were cut from the same cloth – the similarities of temperament and intelligence – the endless curiosity to find out more – leaving the indelible impression. And now the sadness that accompanies the sounds and sights.

Thank you Anthony Bourdain – you may have had no idea just how much of a guiding light you were – how much of an inspiration.

I would suggest you crank this concert up and remind yourself of the temporary nature of life, and how essential it is that you be present for it; and never stop maintaining your curiosity.

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