Apple - Less than a year - only album a failure - got discovered - attained immortality. Ain't life somethin' else?

4 By Apple – 1969 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

Apple – Less than a year – only album a failure – got discovered – attained immortality. Ain’t life somethin’ else?

4 By Apple 1: Mr. Jones 2: The Otherside 3: Photograph 4: Buffalo Billycan – from the lp An Apple A Day – Page One Records 1969 –

Hard core collectors, aficionados of Psychedelia and lovers of the obscure, know all about this band, know all about and either have an original album (which you paid silly amounts of money for) have any one of a number of reissues, or got a copy from a friend; this post doesn’t actually apply to you. So you can skip the intro and perhaps even the entire post if you want.

This one is directed at the ones who are just getting to know that period of 60s music, have heard vague things about this album or have no idea what any of this stuff is, but are curious.

Apple were a British psychedelic rock band. The band was founded in Cardiff in 1968 by Rob Ingram on guitar and Jeff Harrad on bass. They released a single LP in 1969, titled An Apple a Day. The album was a commercial failure, and the band ceased to exist shortly after its release. However, during the subsequent years several tracks from the LP, most notably “The Otherside” by Harrad, were dubbed classics of British psychedelic rock by critics, making An Apple a Day one of the most sought-after British psychedelic rarities.

The original vinyl version (released by Page One Records) is now extremely hard to find. A reissue by Repertoire Records was released in 1994, which included several bonus songs (those being early mono versions of some of the album’s tracks).

The story of Apple isn’t all that different than a few thousand other bands throughout Rock history. Came and went in a flash, got disillusioned, called it a day, went off and did other things, quietly forgot about what might’ve been and just got on with life. Time was, the cut-out bins at records stores fairly overflowed with this album and countless others – some worthy of a second hearing, others; you wonder why they wasted the vinyl – such is Rock history. Now of course, you have CD cutouts – thousands. Bands just like this one, or their 90’s and 2000’s equivalents. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming – you just can’t sit and listen to every one, finding the gold among the sewage. But they’re there – and the work is in the listening. But there are still gems waiting to be discovered.

There’s probably one getting ready to happen right now. That’s why its crucial to keep an open ear.

You may like or despise these four tracks, representing a sample of a band from a specific period of time – it’s your choice. But at least its available. Ears and minds are good things to keep open at all times.

There are worse habits to have.

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