ICE Agent and kids

The world shakes its collective head and wonders what happened.

ICE Agent and kids
The world shakes its collective head and wonders what happened to us.

June 18-20, 2018 – News Reports from RFI-English Service – ABC Radio National, Australia – BBC World Service – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

With the events of this week still unfolding, and reports of sudden reversals only adding to the confusion, the issue of Children, separated from parents and carted off to detention facilities has only added to an already dangerous situation that is sure to get worse before it gets any better. The outrage and the circumstances have only succeeded in further dividing an already deeply divided country and have caused grave doubts to be raised over America’s ability to govern – not to mention the evaporation of integrity and morals to an already damaged nation.

But how is this event playing out in the rest of the world? Well, as you can imagine, our popularity as a bastion and beacon of all things honest and forthright has diminished to the point of nonexistence. And for proof of that, I’ve been doing some Stream-hopping overseas, grabbing broadcasts from Australia, Canada, the UK and the English Service of Radio France International just to get some flavor of the feelings towards this series of events – how they are feeling about all this in Europe and the rest of the world.

Ironically, it comes right along with the announcement from Nikki Haley yesterday that the U.S. was pulling out of the UN Human Rights commission; a move not missed by anyone overseas. It also comes on the heels of reports from Italy that Roma immigrants were creating problems and that the issue of immigration, primarily from the Middle East, was causing politic unrest, especially in Germany. It would seem that the bigger issue for overseas audiences is the Human Rights Commission announcement, and as there has been a steady stream of stories regarding immigration in Europe over the years, and that those stories haven’t been covered to any degree of depth in the U.S. that they have been with RFI and the BBC, America’s brand of inhumanity doesn’t seem so unusual, considering the circumstances or the mass drownings of refugees in the Mediterranean, for example. As a point of reference, the BBC and RFI carried, for months, in-depth stories regarding refugees attempting to hop trains at Calais, headed for the Chunnel to the UK – so the issue is not new, but it’s handled quite a bit differently than it is over here.

To get an idea that the world is indeed watching, here are some excerpts from popular radio broadcasts overseas, covering what has wound up being a major embarrassment for American diplomacy, not to mention our status as shining examples of democracy.

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2 thoughts on “June 18-20, 2018 – The World Watches – The World Weighs In.

  1. dear gordonskene: i love you and your site to bring this information to all your followers! may justice be restored!
    keep boppinĀ“

    1. Thank you so much Marcel! I used to run a lot more Overseas news than I do now, including a lot of native language broadcasts, but I never got an idea if people liked them or not. Personally, I love being able to hear news from all over the world because the perspectives are so different and often very refreshing. Thanks for the encouragement – you’ve prompted me to offer more in the future! Best wishes, Gordon

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