Postwar Warsaw

Postwar Warsaw - Europe pondered the Marshall Plan - we tested Atomic bombs.

Postwar Warsaw
Postwar Warsaw – Europe pondered the Marshall Plan – we tested Atomic bombs.

June 27, 1946 – News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 27, 1946 – A little less than a year since the end of World War 2 – a little over year since the end of the war in Europe. The recovery was slow; economies were ruined, cities were devastated – the infrastructure was barely functioning and the latest set of fears came in the shape of Moscow, where Communist ideology was taking shape and attempting to influence political life in these shattered countries. Beyond the need to rebuild cities was the pressing need of feeding those millions who were displaced, who were starving, who had no shelter and for the most part, no future. It was under this catastrophic scenario that U.S. Secretary Of State Gen.George C. Marshall came up with a plan to at least jump-start the recovery process – to rush relief aid to those countries, to bring food and necessities for survival to the millions who bore the brunt of war.

And while this plan was being debated, Great Britain announced in Parliament that new and stricter rations of bread and flour were to be in effect within a few weeks. Adults would be allowed to buy 9 ounces of bread a day, with manual laborers a bit more. Also announced was a slight raising of the meat ration; 28 cents worth a week.

From the South Pacific came reports from Bikini Atoll and the latest round of Atom Bomb tests to take place. Arriving for a first-hand view of the latest test were some 200 Officers and dignitaries including Navy Secretary Forrestal. A considerable amount of preparation was going on, all for the test which was slated to go off on July 1st. In addition, a battery of scientists arrived and set up shop on nearby Kwajalein Island, which was also the site for a veritable army of Washington pundits and observers. And so it was a circus atmosphere on one side of the planet, and the grim process of digging out a recovering on the other.

All that, and so much more for this June 27, 1946 as presented by NBC Radio’s News Of The World.

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