The Disc-Jockey
There's always that one guy who wanted to be a Disc Jockey.

It’s June 1965 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your Radio Is Your Alter-Ego – However, You Have This Friend . . .

The Disc-Jockey

There’s always that one guy who wanted to be a Disc Jockey.

KFWB – Wink Martindale – June 2, 1965 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Like most everyone you know, all your friends, everybody you run into, are glued to their radios. Some have pocket transistors with earphones that make them look like they’re wearing a hearing aid. Some have those handheld Toshiba radios that are just big enough to not fit in your pocket, but are loud enough to get you yelled at by the Bus driver as you careen down Pico to Station 7.

And there is always that one person; that guy who forked over a princely sum at White Front to buy that monster portable Panasonic AM/FM/Reel-to-reel machine, complete with shoulder strap and 12 D-cell batteries that can record up to 3 hours on a single reel of tape. That guy.

Unfortunately, you know that guy – you’ve known him since 3rd grade. He’s always been a little extreme – he’s the one whose parents got him the super-deluxe Sting-Ray bike with Candy Apple Red paint and flames coming out of the spokes one year for Christmas.

He’s grown up now – he’s in the 11th grade. And he wants to be a Disc-Jockey. He drives you crazy at school. He puts on voices and yells “Super Demand Of The Boss Jocks!” in the cafeteria during lunch. He records the radio most of the day – but he has the annoying habit of stopping the tape during the songs, because he only wants the Dj – so he can practice. He wants to be Wink Martindale – in fact he’s been trying out names for his DJ persona; the one at the radio station he’s going to get a job at when he graduates, because nobody’s going to hire a disc jockey named Milton. Some days he’s Sunny Ocean, other days he’s Mickey Mountain – he was Ray Sunshine for a week. One day he’ll get a name that fits that isn’t too geeky, but you doubt it.

And as proof that, yes, people did stop their tape machines during the song just to get the Disc Jockey, here is a slice of Wink Martindale on KFWB from June 2, 1965.

Some things you just have to put up with.

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2 Responses

  1. marcel says:

    thanks for this time travel. by reading your text above, two options came to mind: first: this is a personal report from your youth and you know someone who was like this or: second: your are this boy himself…..
    thanks for your great work in preserving history, keep going on and
    keep boppinĀ“

    • gordonskene says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Actually, it’s a composite of about four people I knew many years ago. There actually was a guy with one of those enormous tape recorder/radio things, who would get on the bus to school every day, but he was into the music, not the DJ’s – gave us all an appreciation of Soul music in 1965.