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The weekly Cliffnotes Version of what you get every day of every week.

The weekly Cliffnotes Version of what you get every day of every week.

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You knew it had to happen sooner or later – since I take requests and suggestions seriously, somebody said “hey, you should do a podcast!” – okay; one more thing to add to my daily 14 hour regimen of posting, digitizing, writing and researching. Well, at least it’s once a week and somebody once told me you get a LOT of sleep when you’re dead, so . . . .

Since it’s the first one, it’s still in the formulation, shaping and honing stages – And so any suggestions about length, what I should add, what you would like to hear more of (or less of); if the podcast version should be offering different stuff entirely than the daily posts – whatever you’d like to add, in the way of your two-cents, will be appreciated.

A lot of people who have discovered Past Daily over the months have been blown away by the amount of posts there are; the sheer numbers of things to listen to and discover – now that we’ve improved the Search Engine, finding them becomes easier – but there’s a lot to sift through – and more is added every day.

It’s a shameless way of promoting Past Daily, but frankly, I need to get more of you coming by for a visit – and whatever I can do to help make that happen, I will try. I had been tinkering with a YouTube version but that is so time-consuming, that doing it as a supplement to our website is almost impossible to do – unless, of course I get to add staff and devote staff members to doing just a YouTube version (money, money, money . . . . it’s all down to paying for things).

So, give a listen to our inaugural podcast and hit subscribe, if you are so inclined. Like always, I’m around because you’re around, and you are my family.


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