ERA Ratification

ERA Ratification - after much debate . . . .

August 15, 1978 – Busy Day On Capitol Hill

ERA Ratification
ERA Ratification – after much debate . . . .

August 15, 1978 – CBS News: The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 15, 1978 – A busy day on Capitol Hill. Debate on the Tuition Tax Credit bill in the Senate. The third day of floor action and a vote of 56-41, the Senate knocked elementary and secondary school tuitions out of the proposed Tax Credit measures. The vote left tax credits for college-level tuitions only, and so significantly changed the proposed bill from the one passed by the House, which included College, high school and elementary-level tax credits. Some, including Senator Bob Packwood said “sheer religious bigotry” played a part in the decision. A number of other Senate amendments were to be considered for final vote during the evening hours of this session. House conferees would then have to reconcile the differences in the two measures. At the White House, President Carter promised to veto any tuition tax credit bill because of its cost to the Treasury.

At the House of Representatives, a lot of Women waited in the Gallery through a day of debate. Their patience was rewarded; the House passed a bill extending the time for Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment; 233-189. The big victory for the supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment finally came on the defeat of an amendment which would have allowed the 35 states which had ratified the ERA to change their minds during the proposed extension period, which would end June 30,1982. Several representatives who supported ERA said the extension could open up the amendment to thousands of constitutional challenges, while others said the ERA and the extension were one in the same thing, and a vote against the extension meant a vote against the ERA amendment.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on this August 15, 1978 as heard on CBS Radio’s The World Tonight.

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