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August 22, 2002 – The World Of Hostages – EU Accuses OXFAM Of Hypocrisy – Leni Reifenstahl Turns 100

Abu Sayyaf - 2002
Abu Sayyaf – Another terrorist organization in an already crowded playing field of terrorist organizations.

August 22, 2002 – BBC World Service – World Report – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 22, 2002 – another report of another hostage situation by another terrorist group and another announcement of a beheading. 2002 had no shortage of terrorist organizations around the world. This one, allegedly funded by Osamu bin Ladin was based in the Southern Philippines and was notorious for holding hostages for ransom. In this case, it was six purported Jehovahs Witnesses supposedly kidnapped while selling cosmetics door-to-door. Further reports indicated that two of the hostages had been beheaded and there were promises of more to come. A nervous day with reprisals looming in the wings.

Also, a report from the European Union that the British Charity organization OXFAM of preaching free trade, but practicing protectionism by excluding sugar imports from developing countries.

The Enron Scandal was heating up in the States. This time, by way of a Guilty plea from a former Enron official was viewed as something of a green light in bringing those to justice for those responsible for widespread fraud within the Energy Corporation.

And it was #100 for Leni Reifenstahl, the woman who gave the world The Triumph Of The Will and Olympiad – the filmed chronicle of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Reifenstahl was forever known as the woman who turned the power of filmmaking into a propaganda tool. Many felt her film, Triumph Of The Will did much to glamorize and create an iconic presence for the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler. It would be her work and much publicized admiration from Hitler that haunted her for the remainder of her life – and even though she was adamant about in her denial of ever being a member of the Nazi Party herself, it was enough to brand her persona non grata for her professional career.

All that, and a lot more for this August 22, 2002 by way of The BBC World Service.

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