Linda Guilala - in session

Linda Guilala - despite what you might think , no one in the band is named Linda Guilala.

Linda Guilala In Session – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

Linda Guilala - in session
Linda Guilala – despite what you might think , no one in the band is named Linda Guilala.

Linda Guilala – in session for Marc Riley – BBC 6 Music – July 24, 2018 – BBC 6 Music

Rock Without Borders tonight, by way of BBC 6 Music and the Marc Riley show from July 24, 2018 – a session from Linda Guilala from Madrid.

Here’s a blurb from their own website at Elefant Records:

Just recently, we were talking about LINDA GUILALA’s new digital single, “Mucho Mejor” and about how excited we were about news about Eva, Iván and Mari. Well, it hasn’t taken long for these kids to “make some noise” (an expression that couldn’t be more appropriate). And, after the amount of traffic the single received from the islands, this coming Tuesday, July 24th, the trio from Galicia is going to do a session on Marc Riley’s program on BBC6. He who was a member of THE FALL, owner of the label In-Tape (ASPHALT RIBBONS, THE JUNE BRIDES, THE CREEPERS), and promoter of groups like MASSIVE ATTACK, PIXIES, COCTEAU TWINS and HAPPY MONDAYS is making LINDA GUILALA the first Spanish group on Elefant Records to record a session for the BBC. On a show that, recently, and to give just a few of the varied examples, has had guests like PARQUET COURTS, THE DAMNED and IRON & WINE.

But there are also three important dates for their new British tour. This Wednesday, July 25th, starting at 7 p.m., they will take part in a special concert in the Rough Trade East store, as special selections of the brand in a campaign for the best emerging artists. Other bands like GRIMM GRIMM and ECHO LADIES will also be there.

The next stop is the following day, in CARDIFF, the hometown of many of our favorite groups, like SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS and our beloved THE SCHOOL. The performance will take place at The Moon Cardiff, and will include concerts from Anna Burch and PINK GRAPEFRUIT.

And to finish things off with a bang, they will also perform on Saturday as part of the programming of one of our favorite festivals in the UK – Indietracks. They will be performing alongside groups like BRITISH SEA POWER, COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY and Darren Hayman. LINDA GUILALA will be found this time on the Indoor Stage at 4 p.m., and we are sure they will bring their super intense live show with them.

Iván and Eva already took unprecedented steps for many Spanish groups with JUNIPER MOON, starting up an important frenzy on the British islands with their music. They have done it again, this time accompanied by Mari and with LINDA GUILALA; a different plan, more psychedelic, where shoegaze and pop come together with the help of the most hallucinogenic noise. Breaking borders at the speed of feedback.

All you have to do now is hit the Play button and dive into it.

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