Harvey's Casino - August 27, 1980

Harvey's Casino in Tahoe - the little wagon on wheels that did.

August 27, 1980 – Things That Go Boom In Tahoe – Things That Go Arrgh In Gdansk – Things That Go Tut-Tut On The Campaign Trail

Harvey's Casino - August 27, 1980
Harvey’s Casino in Tahoe – the little wagon on wheels that did.

August 27, 1980 – CBS News On The Hour – World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 27, 1980 – All eyes on Tahoe, this day. A little wagon, carrying a large package was parked in front of Harvey’ Casino. A note saying it would go off if $3 million didn’t show up, along with a helicopter to take the extortionist off to a safe getaway. Packed in the little wagon was some 1,000 pounds of explosives guaranteed to do considerable damage if the demands weren’t met. The episode got everyone from the Governor to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission involved, trying to figure out what the device was and how to dismantle it. Crews worked until four that morning before calling a halt for rest and regrouping. As the day went on, the drama escalated until that afternoon, when a loud explosion was heard and the little wagon went off. Damage was extensive to the first and second floors of the Hotel/Casino – no one was hurt and now suspects were being sought.

Meanwhile, in Gdansk; Poland’s top labor leaders returned for negotiations after a series of conferences in Warsaw. Polish State Radio said Labor strikes were continuing, despite appeals from Cardinal Wyszynski for patience among the workers and for peace. The Cardinal said the workers demands had merit, but he cautioned they could not expect everything at once.

And in Britain – Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher declared that if “people stopped demanding increased wages, when they haven’t had any increased output, Britain would get far lower unemployment”. Thatcher went on to say that, one of the reasons Britain was in the situation they were in was because workers were being paid 22% more for producing 4% less. The U.S. was also suffering declining productivity – with new figures out from the Labor Department showed productivity in the private business sector had declined in the second quarter of 1980 at an annual rate of 1.9%. And in an election year it made great campaign fodder for the Reagan camp – as the GOP Presidential candidate pointed out to a group of Teamster Union members – it was all Jimmy’s fault.

And that’s just a sampling of the news for this August 27, 1980 as reported by CBS Radio and The World Tonight.

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